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Colin Kroll, Vine Co-Founder, Dies at 34

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Drug overdose doesn't discriminate!

Colin Kroll, the 34-year-old co-founder of Vine and chief executive of the popular HQ Trivia app, was found dead Sunday morning in his New York apartment due to what is speculated to be a drug overdose.

The police found what appeared to be cocaine and heroin in Kroll’s SoHo apartment after a woman believed to be his girlfriend called 911 and asked them to do a wellness check.

The woman had reported that she was worried for his safety and well being.

When police arrived, they found Kroll dead of what they suspected to be a heroin and cocaine overdose, however the medical examiner has not yet released an official report.

Colin Kroll’s father, Kroll said in an interview that his son had recently stopped drinking and did not have a drug problem, but that his son took drugs recreationally.

A man with money, power, a business, a family that he was about to spend a 10-day vacation with for the holidays, died of an overdose after recreationally using drugs.

Drugs do not discriminate, they do not know if you are addicted or just experimenting, they do not know if you have money or if you are poor, drugs are killing people.

Colin Kroll’s father said that he was so smart and talented, he said he could only imagine what his son would be doing when he was 50, that he was capable of so much more. All he can do now is imagine.

Collin Kroll, creator of the popular Vine App, died at 34 to what was called an "apparent heroin and cocaine overdose."
HQ Trivia creator, Collin Kroll, was found dead at 34 of apparent drug overdose in NYC apartment

Over 70,000 people died this past year of drug overdose, don't be a statistic.

Over 70,000 people a year are dying of drug overdose. When it comes to using drugs the question is not if something bad will happen, it is when will it happen, and will you get help first? There is absolutely no way for a person to know whether there is something in their drugs, such as fentanyl, that will cause an overdose.

Fentanyl has been popping up in more and more accidental drug overdoses, in both heroin and cocaine users.

If you have a loved one actively using drugs it is critical that they enter treatment immediately. Recovery is the only way to protect you or someone you love from overdose!

We know it is hard to convince your loved one to get help.

Use the buttons below to call or chat with our treatment specialist right now. We know how you can help your loved one.

If you are struggling with addiction, do not feel ashamed. Addiction is a disease and it can effect anyone, even millionaires and co-founders of companies.

It can get better, let go and let us help you!