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The Cost of Drug Addiction

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Have you ever thought about the cost of your drug addiction?

In a recent study conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime on the average cost per gram of illegal street dugs, the results were shocking.

We all have had impulse buys, maybe shoes or purse, but those impulse buys usually don’t cost thousands of dollars per year. That’s right, thousands per year.

Did you know…

The average cost per gram of cocaine is $120 dollars. For many this is a shocking number itself, however for those who use cocaine once per week, or even multiple times a week, it may be miniscule in comparison to how much you are really spending per year.

If you used cocaine once per week, after a year that would be $6,240. If you are addicted to cocaine and use it multiple times a week you could be spending $12,480 or more a year.

The average cost per gram of heroin is $100 per gram, which would cost you $5,200 a year if you only used ONCE per week. However, since heroin is an extremely addictive substance and causes physical withdrawal when not used, many addicts use daily. Some even use multiple times per day. So that $100-dollar gram could easily skyrocket to $36,400 or more per year.

Addiction costs us a lot, time, energy, our lives, but one thing we don't always think about is how much money we spend throughout our addiction.

What if it’s not that bad?

Maybe this doesn’t concern you. Maybe you think “I have a job; I can afford to keep getting high. I don’t even do it every day!”

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person who works full time makes $31,099 each year. So maybe right now your average paycheck of $865 a week is enough for you to use, work, and afford the necessities you need to live, but what about when its not. What will happen when your use becomes more prevalent, you need more money, and suddenly you need more money than your salary just to get high- forget the rent or the groceries or gas money.

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