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Vaping: Should You Be Worried?

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Vaping Claims Sixth Life

A sixth person has died from a vaping-related lung disease. Since August, there have been over 450 reports of lung illness and six deaths in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Oregon and Kansas. Health officials said it wasn’t clear what type of vaping products the patient was using; however all have had high levels of vitamin E acetate, which is common in cannabis-containing vapor products. At least one vapor product containing this chemical has been linked to each person who fell ill and submitted a product for testing in the state.

The federal investigation into the link between vaping and severe lung illnesses is ongoing and has not identified a cause. There are also separate investigations being conducted in separate states.

While an investigation into the lung illness outbreak is ongoing, people should consider not using e-cigarette products and people who do should monitor themselves for symptoms, the CDC said.

After the death of 6 people, vaping has become quite the controversy in the news, however smoking cigarettes causes 140,000 deaths annually.

Cigarettes Claim 480,000 Lives (A Year)

While it is alarming to hear that people are dying due to vaping, we need to look at a few key facts: vitamin E acetate and cannabis oil are not in all vaping products, many people are buying “bunk” or “fake” e-cigarette/vape cartridges online to save money, and cigarette smoking kills 480,000 people a year.

It is easy for us, as a society, to focus on something bad, without asking questions. How much and how long did they vape, did they smoke and vape, did they smoke prior to vaping, did they buy fake cartridges of the internet, did they use cannabis products- the list can go on and on. E-cigarette companies have been around since the early 2000’s, and there have been six deaths- still with unknown causes.

Vaping and Substance Use Disorder

44.3% of all cigarettes are consumed by individuals who live with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. One could surmise that many people with mental health and substance use disorders also use or have switched to using vapor products.

When we enter recovery, many of us struggle with deciding to quit smoking, and turn to using vapor products to assist in curbing cravings. Quitting smoking while simultaneously abstaining from alcohol and drug use, can often feel impossible and overwhelming. If you are using vapor products to help curb your cigarette cravings, make sure to ask your local vape shop what is in their liquid.

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