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Amatus Health moving on from Florida Centers

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Amatus Health moving on from Florida Centers

Amatus Health, a national organization operating substance abuse and mental health treatment facilities, today announced the sale of all of its outpatient treatment facilities in South Florida.

More Life Treatment Center in Hollywood, Florida and Breakthrough Treatment Center in Miami, Florida, will now operate under the new ownership of BDC Recovery Associates, LLC. Those centers will no longer be Amatus Health managed facilities.

Michael Silberman, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Amatus Health, said, “Amatus Health operated in Floridafor the past 3 years, and we have decided to change our focus as new opportunities opened up for us in other parts of the country. We are happy that we found a pillar of their community that will continue to change lives and make an impact in South Florida.”

Amatus currently oversees treatment centers in MarylandOhioGeorgia, and New Hampshire, and the company plans to continue expansion, bringing its community-oriented, individually-focused approach to new regions.

Amatus offers inpatient detoxification and residential substance abuse programs, inpatient mental health treatment programs, as well as a number of outpatient programs to support clients in becoming sober, staying sober and building the life skills and coping mechanisms necessary for long-term recovery.

“We’re excited to continue helping people find recovery and learn to live sober at our facilities along the East Coast, in the South, across the Midwest and wherever we see an opportunity to make an impact on the communities that most need our help,” said Silberman.