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Awakenings Recovery Center Press

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Awakenings Recovery Center opened in the heart of downtown Hagerstown, Frank Biden attended and is excited to see the impact for Washington County.

Awakenings Recovery Center was recently covered on Local DMV.com as the third Amatus Health facility in the state of Maryland, and first Amatus Health residential program servicing those with Medicaid in the state. Awakenings is a 51-bed residential treatment center and will be working with Maryland residents with Medicaid.

Awakenings Recovery Center is a treatment facility for people suffering with substance abuse. Their main focus is not only treating patients during their time at the facility but to focus heavily on aftercare.

Frank Biden, the brother of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, attended the grand opening of Awakenings Recovery Center, and said he’s thankful that Hagerstown residents will have better access to addiction treatment.

“It’s a place that I would send any one member of my family who was in distress,” said Biden. “Let’s take this nationally and let’s make this a predicant for how we deal with mental health and substance abuse throughout the country.”

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