How Can You Tell if a Loved One is Using Drugs?

Many of us have felt a loved one slip away from drug addiction. Often, we can’t recognize they are abusing drugs until after it’s become a problem. Having an intervention with your loved one can be trickier than you imagination. But getting help for a drug addiction is possible. 

How can you tell if someone on drugs?

Amatus Recovery Centers VP of Operations Kabir Singh joined Midday Maryland on WMAR 2 to discuss ways to identify if a loved one has a substance use disorder and how to approach them if you think they need to enter an addiction treatment facility. 


What should I say to someone on drugs?

Kabir explains that warning signs can be more complicated than just slurred speech, dilated pupils or mood swings. 

Depending on the type of drug, there can be many behavioral health changes. People with addiction might isolate or wear long sleeves in the summertime to cover intravenous drug use are among the things to look out for. 


Suggesting a drug rehab center to a loved one

It makes no difference whether your loved one is struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs or opiates. You think, “why can’t you just stop?”, “we all love you,” “you have so much potential.”

But educating yourself about addiction before listing all the risk factors of using drugs or using emotional appeals to your loved one will yield better results in getting them into a substance abuse treatment program.