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Opioid detox center set to open in 2017 in Maumee

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Opioid detox center set to open in 2017 in Maumee

An addiction support group is partnering with a Florida treatment center to open a new opioid detox and treatment facility in Maumee — one of three potentially new detox centers in Lucas County.

Team Recovery will work with Hollywood, Fla.,-based Recovery in the Light to open the center at Arrowhead Park. Using the business names Midwest Detox Center and Midwest Recovery Center, the new facility will have 22 beds for detox and 38 for treatment and recovery for those addicted to opiates, said Matt Bell, co-founder of Team Recovery. It will have medical directors, clinical directors, a 24-hour nursing staff, psychiatrists, and counselors. About 75 percent of staff will be in recovery themselves, as is Mr. Bell.

“They were able to walk out the other end, so they can relate to the client and the clients will be better able to relate to them,” he said.

During detox, patients will receive Suboxone, a drug that eases withdrawal symptoms. But after detox, patients will not be given drugs such as methadone, because those are also addictive.

“It does not make sense to us to use one drug to get you off another,” Mr. Bell said.

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