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A new resource is available to help fight opiate addiction and substance abuse

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OWINGS MILLS, MD— In the midst of the opioid crisis, a new educational resource is available to people who want more information about opiate addiction and substance abuse. Mike Gimbel—who has worked in substance abuse education, prevention and treatment for nearly 40 years—has partnered with Amatus Recovery Centers to create the television program “Straight Talk on Opiates.”

On each episode of “Straight Talk on Opiates,” host Gimbel interviews experts about a topic related to opiates or other substances. These experts include drug treatment professionals, people in recovery, families who have lost a loved one to an opiate overdose, political leaders, and more. Each episode helps the audience understand a systemic problem or learn about seeking quality treatment.

“The greatest weapon we have in fighting the opioid epidemic is education,” says Gimbel. “These shows will empower all communities to learn about the problem and find successful solutions. I am honored to work side by side with Amatus Recovery Centers to better educate our citizens.”

Michael Silberman, COO of Amatus Recovery Centers, echoes this sentiment. “We can’t fight a problem we don’t understand, which is why ‘Straight Talk on Opiates’ is such an important resource,” he says. “We are thrilled to provide crucial information about opiate addiction and recovery.”

The first of its kind, “Straight Talk on Opiates” is a tool to help people educate their own communities. Teachers can bring the videos into their classrooms; parents can use the program to teach their kids; leaders of youth organizations can share the videos with their participants. The show will serve as a much-needed resource, helping in the battle against opiate addiction and substance abuse. You can find the full collection of episodes online at www.amatusrecoverycenters.com/straighttalk.

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