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Amatus Health Promotes New Director of Program Development

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Nicholas Albaugh, former Director of Licensing and Compliance at Amatus Health has been promoted to the Director of Program Development.

Albaugh will utilize his extensive clinical background and operations experience to form progressive approaches to behavioral health treatment provided at Amatus Recovery Centers. Albaugh will focus on the strengths of each employee to provide a valuable and positive environment for clients, staff, and stakeholders.

Albaugh will be working closely with Amatus Recovery Centers leadership to ensure continued development of multidisciplinary treatment that focuses on a “whole life, whole person” approach to recovery, design and implement quality improvement programs that focus on continued growth and positive outcomes for clients and assist in the implementation of new programs and initiatives at existing and new Amatus Recovery Center locations.

“I am excited to partner with our wonderful clinical and medical teams to expand our current and future programs to enhance the quality of service and outcomes for our clients and their families. Dedication to quality programming will enhance the lives of thousands,” Albaugh said.

Amatus Recovery Centers is a nationally recognized provider of substance abuse services managed by Amatus Health and is a behavioral health provider that maintains and supports premier substance use and mental health treatment centers throughout the United States. Based in Owings Mills, Maryland, Amatus Recovery Centers is committed to expanding its services throughout the United States.

“We are excited to see what positive developments come from Nick’s new position within Amatus. It is great to continue working towards our goals as a company with likeminded people who have been positively impacting this field and understand substance abuse and treatment,” said Michael Silberman, Amatus Chief Operating Officer.