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Drug and Alcohol Counseling Program Provided to Baltimore County Students by Amatus Recovery Centers

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OWINGS MILLS, MD— Students at risk for substance or alcohol abuse now have help right inside their schools. Drug and alcohol counseling will be provided in Baltimore County Public Schools by Foundations Recovery Center, an Amatus Recovery Centers affiliate located in Baltimore, Maryland. This five-year commitment is the first time BCPS has partnered with an addiction treatment organization.

Nicholas Albaugh and Rachel Markus, the providers who will work in BCPS, have a combined 18 years’ experience in the Behavioral Health field. Albaugh and Markus will provide assessments and counseling—as well as promote prevention—to students, faculty and parents during school hours. Students who require further treatment will be referred to Foundations Recovery Center of Maryland for an adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program.

According to a 2014 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, multiple studies have shown a link between early substance use and later Substance Use Disorders. Additionally, people in treatment who started using substances at an early age are much more likely to abuse two or more substances than people who started later. Early intervention is key to helping curb these problems.

“We are very impressed with Baltimore County Public Schools for recognizing that substance abuse is a major issue in our schools, and helping us address it,” says Mike Silberman, Amatus Recovery Centers COO. “High school is a crucial time in an individual’s development. We are thrilled that we will be able to build real relationships with students at this vital stage in their lives.”

Amatus Recovery Centers, a division of Amatus Health, offers drug and alcohol counseling in facilities across the country. To learn more about Amatus Recovery Centers, visit amatusrecoverycenters.com. To learn more about Foundations Recovery Center, visit foundationsrecoverycenter.com.