Staging an Intervention

Does someone you care about need addiction help?

We provide addiction treatment services and can help stage an intervention. Interventions are when a person’s friends or family confronts them about their substance use problem or to convince them to seek anxiety treatment or depression help.

At Amatus addiction treatment centers, we will connect you with the right interventionist for your situation, who will help make the conversation as smooth as possible for everyone.

What it means to be an Amatus Managed Recovery Center

  • Person First Philosophy

    Our mission is to get you in the best facility that will allow you to heal and find long term recovery. Whether you enter one of our facilities or another facility, we will help everyone who contacts us find the appropriate place for them to heal.

  • National Footprint, Community Focus

    Our nationwide network of treatment centers and referral partners allows us to make an impact in multiple communities. We want every individual to thrive, and become a positive force in your community. We desire to help people and communities recover.

  • Facility and Treatment

    We are committed to providing the highest level of care, delivered in cutting-edge facilities designed to support your recovery. Every individual gets an individualized treatment plan, with the highest-level of care standards and quality.

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